How To Create A Website?-Complete Beginner Guide

How To Create  Website

Today is the age of the internet, so all peoples in the world want to make their identity on the web. Websites are playing a very important role in the field of business. Anyone can’t get success in business without the help of a website. But lots of people think that making a website needs technical work which can’t be done by them. But that’s not true because a simple website can be created by anyone with some knowledge of HTML. It is true that a business or professional website needs very high technology like javascript, PHP, visual script and database management system etc. So, if you have the need of professional looking website then you can contact to a professional web designer. But if you have the need of a personal website or blog then you can do yourself. Here are some steps, follow them to learn how to create a website.

  • Choose Your Domain Name
  • Choose Your Web Server or Hosting Service
  • Design and Optimize Your Website
  • Uploading Your Website

Choose Your Domain Name

Domain Name is the first and most important part of starting a website. It is the identity of your website on the web. There are a lot of websites are already available on the web, so we should have a domain name by which visitors can identify you on the web. But finding a good domain name never gone an easy task. But finding a good domain name never gone an easy task, because almost every good domain name is already registered. So try your best to find a domain name which is related to your business or your name. If you get success in finding a domain name then buy or register it as quickly as possible. Because anyone could register this domain name before you do so. Here are the some best Registrars, where you can register your domain name at best price.

  1. 1&1(.com at Rs 63 /- or $ 0.99 for the first year)
  2. GoDaddy(.com at Rs 99 /- or $ 1.49 for the first year)
  3. BigRock(.com at Rs 99 /- or $ 1.49 for the first year)

Here are some tips, that should be read before buying a domain name:

  1. Keep It Short And Attractive

Try to register a domain name which is short (5-7 digit) and easy to remember for your visitors or users. Keep it attractive, which can be heard in everyday life.

  1. Focus On Main Keyword of Your Business

Do your best to find a domain name with main focus keyword of your business. It helps your business to grow faster.

  1. High Competitive Keyword Should Be In Your Domain Name

If your domain name contains a high competitive keyword then it will receive high organic traffic. It can help your website by improving page rank.

  1. Top Level Domain

Buy only top-level domains because they will help you to improve your website ranking and it gives your website a professional look. After that, if you want to make money with AdSense, then it is very important because Adsense accepts only top level domains.

What are the Top-Level Domain and Sub-level Domain?

Top level domains are the domains which are not derived from another domain or child of other domain. Some examples of top-level domains are “”, “” etc. Here are some types of top-level domains. Subdomains are the domains which are derived from top-level domains such as “”, “” etc.

Here are some domain extension and their meanings:-

[table id=27 /]

Client-Server Communication

Choose Your Hosting Service or Web Server

Choosing a web server is also a very important part of getting your website online. Choosing a web server is very confusing for new users because there is a lot of variety of web hosting services are available in the market. It is very important that you should have the knowledge of servers. Here is some description of the servers which helps you to choose your perfect hosting service at the best price.

What is  Web Server?

A web server is a machine which contains both hardware and software, which is specially designed to process HTTP requests over the internet and to communicate with client or users. A web server is more powerful than an ordinary PC and runs on a specially designed server operating systems.

What is Web Hosting?

Web hosting is a service which is used to get your website online. Web hosting service provider gives you some space on their server for your website. For which they charge some money on a monthly base. There are many websites on which you can buy your space of server or hosting service. Here are some links to the best hosting service providers.

Types of Web Hosting

There are mainly three types of web hosting are used. They are divided according to price and service.
Shared Hosting
Shared hosting is mainly used for personal, small business and medium-sized website. Shared hosting is mainly used for personal, small business and medium-sized website. In this type of hosting the same server is used by many websites. One or more domains can be hosted on the same server by the same user. All users on this server can access only their own log files. Other users can’t access the files or logs of other users on that server. But there is a problem with performance because the same hardware is used by all users on that server. And the advantage is that they are cheap and best for a small website.
Virtual Hosting

In this type of hosting a user can act as administrative and they can install software and can perform all task which is performed by admin. Virtual hosting is almost similar to shared hosting, but the hardware of servers are divided into the users of the server according to price and requirement. So, the performance of your website will not suffer due to other users. But it is slightly costly then shared hosting and it is perfect for your business if you are serious with business.
Dedicated Server

A dedicated server is a hosting server which is used for large business. A dedicated server is used in the business, who don’t want to share the resources of the server and wants more security. They are very secure and provide high performance because only one user has the full access to the server. Maintenance and connection of internet to the server provided by hosting service provider and professionals. So, you don’t have to worry about anything. It is just like a house on a rent, where you are renter and service provider are the owner of the house. But the disadvantage is that it is very costly.

Learn How To Optimize Your Blog Or Site

Design And Optimize Your Website

Design of your site plays a very important role in attracting your visitors again and again. You can design your website by using some web designing software like ” Microsoft Expression Web 4” which is free of cost and provided by Microsoft. Use images to give your site a good look but remember that using heavy images can increase the loading time of your webpage. Try to use images optimized for web use and reduce its size. Give your site a good navigation system to provide the good user experience. It will help users to navigate your website easily. Check that all the links of your home page are working properly.

Upload Your Website

Upload your website to your server which is provided by hosting service providers. You can upload your website to the server with the help of FTP. You can use Microsoft Expression Web 4  to upload website. All hosting service provider has some different ways to upload but all use FTP. If you have any problem with uploading your website, then you can take support from your hosting service provider.

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